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"I had my first visit with Dr. Cherem last month, and I was very impressed! He was caring and a good listener to what I was saying, also he explained most everything that I needed to know. Thank you Dr. Cherem for all that you are dong for me. You're very professional and I think you care for all you patients, God bless you and your staff!"


"I am saw Dr. Cherem for the first time today! He impressed me with his intelligence and knowledge of my strange condition. I highly recommend him!"

Laurie Ervin

"Very few things I can say about this Doctor that haven't been written in this page, but I'll said some of the things he gave me. As a medical student, I was blessed to step into this doctor's office and be an observer of his practice and way of living. The patient's relationship is just mesmerising. He observe, listen carefully and answer all patient's concerns. He is a wise and cultivated person. He enrolls himself in patient's life in such a way that many times it seems he wasn't treating patients but treating close friends. He is the most devoted doctor I have ever seen in this 6 years of medical school and I dare to say, he is one of the best I will see in my entire career. He is the kind of doctor that as a medical student you dream to be someday, or at least, that I dream to be. And not only that, I think he is the type of doctor every patient needs. A man should not live only of medicine. Choose your attitude before anyone else choose it for you. And of course, keep your eyes open were some of the powerful lessons he lives by and that he shared with me, I'll never forget that.His uniqueness as a doctor and as a person is truly inspiring and I can't thank him enough for all the things he taught me. Honestly he is not only a doctor but a healer. Once again, Thank you Dr. Cherem, it was a delightful pleasure to know you and to be inspired by the light you share, hope you continue sharing because you make this world a better place. And as I told you before, may God blessed you a thousand times.Your eager student and friend."

Sergio Ignacio Cortés

"Thanks, Dr. Cherem, for the compassionate care that you provided for Lynn. You were always candid and honest with him. We appreciate all that you did for him. We were disappointed that he had to leave, but it was dictated by his insurance. You are very professional and always have the best interest of your patients at heart. While Lynn is experiencing some other health challenges, his dialysis is going well. we wish you continued success in your practice."

Lynn & Gladys Morris

"I am extremely pleased that Dr. Cherem is my kidney doctor after being referred to him by my primary care physician. He made me feel very comfortable right from the start of the first appointment with his warm caring personality and sense of humor. He took an extraordinary amount of time asking about my previous health issues and making sure he understood each one of them. Dr. Cherem is amazing how he can take medical issues and terms and make them understandable to a person who has no medical background. God has blessed me with this wonderful man and I look forward to a long relationship with him."

Felix L.

"Dr. Cherem is the most wonderful Doctor i've ever worked for! I worked for Dr. Cherem for almost a year and I can say that he really cares for his patients very much. If a extra mile is needed for a patient to feel better, he will go for it. His patients and everyone that comes to know him, loves him very much! I am glad I met such a  amazing person! I would really recommend Dr. Cherem to everyone!!"

Schary A.

"I've had the pleasure of being on this planet for over 62 years and I can honestly say that I have never met a medical doctor quite like Dr. Cherem. He immediately made me feel that he was really listening to my concerns regarding my left kidney, and although the subsequent testing indicated nothing was wrong (thank goodness) he went the extra mile to help me understand that my long term health was what truly mattered. His bedside manner is truly refreshing as he quickly puts you at ease with all of the medical terms, but does it with a charm and demeanor that is equally remarkable. Discussing complex medical issues is a serious business, and Dr. Cherem exhibits everything anyone would want regarding his ability to explain the situation, but he does it in a way that usually ends with us both have a good laugh. I often find myself smiling days later when reflecting on our discussions, something that rarely occurs with other medical professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Cherem, not only for his astounding medical knowledge, but more importantly for how he treats his patients, with a heavy dose of care sprinkled with just the right measure of good natured humor. I always look forward to our talks."

Lane H.

"I’m very proud of you, as my brother, as a human, as a doctor, and I pray God bless you always!!! Love you"


Dr. Cherem is the best doctor ever! I worked for Dr. Cherem for three years! So I really got to know him! He is very knowledgeable in his profession and cares about his patients. I know some patients don’t like to hear certain things, but trust that Dr. Cherem will tell you how it is and what you need to do and take care of you, you are in great hands! He knows the quality of time and does not want to waist one minute of the day! If he is not with a patient, he is always reading a book or learning something new! There is always something to talk about with him! He is the smartest person in the room! I could go on and on about nothing but positiviness. I am glad I met such a wonderful person! I would recommend Dr. Cherem to everyone! 

Isabel G.

"I practice in the same building as Dr. Cherem. Although I am in a different medical practice, we are located immediately next to Dr. Cherem's clinic rooms. I can sincerely say that in all of my years of practicing nephrology, I have never heard so many patients say so many complimentary things as I have heard from Dr. Cherem's patients. They honestly and whole-heartedly love and respect him. How he thinks of his patients and the care he provides is second to none. If my family member needed to see a nephrologist, I would take them to see Dr. Cherem.... and coming from another nephrologist, that is truly meaningful."

Rupal Patel

"It is a pleasure and honor to describe my heartfelt respect, admiration, and affection for Dr Lazaro Cherem.  He is truly a doctor's doctor.  He embodies the finest qualities of a physician both in intellect and caring for the welfare of the patient.  He demonstrates that the practice of medicine is both a science and an art.  He is not only intellectually proficient with the latest knowledge of the science of medicine, but to me he excels most in caring for the patient as few physician do today.  He knows every detail of the patient's history and weaves this into the appropriate plan of treatment which is best for the individual patient.  Lazaro is a man after God's own heart.  He shows genuine concern and cares for the well-being of his patient.  Like Hippocrates, Dr Cherem places the interest of his patient first in line before his own interests.  Thank you, Lazaro, for demonstrating to all who know you that excellence and compassion are available to those in need."

James J Livesay MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon

"Eight months ago, I discovered that my kidneys were seriously deteriorating. I followed the advice of a family member and went to see Dr. Cherem. His genuinely caring and friendly manner immediately put me at ease. And his knowledge, wisdom, and quick action saved me from deteriorating very quickly into kidney failure. Through his guidance I was quickly referred to an outstanding urologist, and through the coordinated care of the two of them my kidneys' progress has been carefully monitored. Every effort has been made to stabilize my kidneys. Also, a thorough understanding of my dialysis options has been given to me. I find myself thanking God daily for this outstanding doctor. I'm very happy to add my wholehearted recommendation of Doctor Cherem to anyone. He is truly a wonderful source of encouragement. He not only knows what he's doing, but he also explains it in language I can understand. Every meeting with him is a blessing, even when the "news" is not good. Thank you, Dr. Cherem for being who you are and doing what you do."

George E. Snow

Two years ago, my husband and I started my treatment with Dr. Cherem.  We are so very happy to share that my condition is restored to a healthy stage!  Dr. Cherem's guidance, knowledge of my personal condition, and continued monitoring of my health cannot be understated.  His positive attitude and sincere care is always present at each visit.  We are elated with my return to good health! Dr. Cherem receives our highest recommendation!  We love him.

Mary & Bryan Gordon

I highly recommend Dr. Cherem.  He saw me through a very tough time and continues to guide me to better health.  He explains my condition to me in terms i can understand and works hard at keeping me healthy.

Patrick Meeks

Cherem has been my Doctor for 3 years and I am so thankful for him.  He saved my life when I Went into acute High Blood Pressure and kidney failure.  He is so upbeat and helped all my family get through a rough time.  Still go to this jolly man and always leave feeling better and happy.  Lucky to have him as my Doctor who give us lot of confidence and motivation to move forward in Life.I don’t have enough word to Thank Him as well his supporting support those are exceptional in service. He is Best in the World!

Chandra Kant

Dr. Cherem has been my wife's and my doctor for over 11 years.  We drive over 50 miles to see him regularly every six months for his excellent professional medical care; and we are always very thankful for all that he does to keep us healthy.  I had a liver transplant 19 years ago and the immune suppression drugs that I must take daily for my transplant detrimentally affects my kidney's function.  My wife has had kidney stones and a cist on her kidney.  We both have complete confidence in Dr. Cherem's ability to keep us both healthy.  He strongly encouraged me to lose weight; and I lost 110 pounds and I am so much healthier, as a result.  Dr. Cherem has impeccable credentials and clinical Nephrology skills.  He is undoubtedly one of the best Nephrologists in the Nation.  He is always very friendly, enthusiastically upbeat and available and loyal to his patients.   We feel very happy and extremely fortunate to have Dr. Cherem as our doctor.

  Robert and Christel Garrett

Although Dr. Cherem was concerned about my having hip replacement surgery due to my age and heart condition, he and Dr. Perin--my cardiologist, gave their approval for the surgery, which was to be performed with a spinal tap. When I was prepared for surgery, the anesthesiologist indicated that a spinal tap could not be used because of platelet deficiency. The surgeon was supportive and indicated that he and his team would do everything they could to pull me through. The surgery was tough and when I regained consciousness I was in terrible pain. I could not even let people touch me because the pain was so intense. I was emotionally shattered, but Dr. Cherem was so faithful in visiting me that I began to feel better. His kindness toward me in the long hospital stay did much to afford me the strength to endure the pain. After five weeks in the hospital and inpatient rehab I finally was put on a plane and able to return home. I will always remember Dr. Cherem's gentle kindness and encouragement. I look forward to seeing him next week in Houston.

Walter M Weerts

Dr. Cherem has been my Doctor for 3 years and I am so thankful for him.  He saved my life when I Went into acute kidney failure after my open heart surgery.  He is so upbeat and helped all my family get through a rough time.  Still go to this jolly man and always leave feeling better and happy.  Lucky to have him as my Doctor.


I have been been a patient since august 2016. He is very kind and cheerful. He is truly caring and concerned with my well being. I love Dr. Cherem and have recommended him to friends. Thank you Dr. Cherem.

Estela Ruiz

i been a patient of Dr. Cherem for approximately 10 years. He is wonderful cheerful and take serious interest in my well been.  A year ago i finally had my transplant at St. Luke's Hospital.   He took great care of me was at my bedside every morning and was constantly calling in to check on me I am very grateful to have him as my Dr. I am happy you are my doctor and I would not trade you for anyone else. You are a fountain of  knowledge and information.  You are absolutely fantastic and very caring THANK you. You are the very BEST!!

Anna Watler

Dr. Cherem is personable, cheerful, and has his patients feeling comfortable upon their first meeting and thereafter. He takes sincere interest in your illness and listens attentively to your problems. He has a wealth of knowledge and has provided information and recommendations I have not heard from any other doctor. I enjoy my visits and appreciate the time he spends tending to the details of my condition. We could all use more specialist like Dr. Cherem.

D L Dale

My first visit with Dr. Cherem was certainly an answered prayer from the night before.  A close friend recommended I get a second opinion regarding my starting dialysis immediately.  This wonderful doctor examined my condition as he interviewed me for an hour.  I have a better treatment plan and a close monitoring plan in place now.  I waited two days to submit this testimonial until I ordered my compression socks!  I have no doubt that God's blessings will repay you due to the kindness and humanity you showed to me.  (Proverbs 19:17)

Roland E King

As a recent foreign medical graduate, I've had the opportunity to observe many top medical doctors in the U.S. In different hospitals and cities. Through these experiences, I've had the pleasure and the privilege to observe Dr, Cherem interact with his patients, and I have to say his bedside manner is surpassed only by his knowledge and expertise in kidney care. His smile is contagious, and his sense of humor can brighten anyone's day. There's a familiarity between the patients and Dr. Cherem that extends all the way to the patients' children, grandchildren, and spouses. He is meticulous while reviewing patient history, medications, and labs in order to maintain or improve kidney function. Every patient of Dr. Cherem's is grateful to have him as their kidney specialist and is enthusiastic about their next visit. His patients are highly motivated to follow his recommendations, and are eager to hear about their health improvements. Never in a rush, Dr. Cherem takes his time and uses a series of anecdotes to explain in a manner that the patients can understand exactly what needs to be done. Patients leave the office expressing gratitude for knowing Dr. Cherem, and can't help to reach out and hug him.

Dr. Evelyn Partain

Dr. Cherem is awesome. He entered my life while I was in very bad shape at the hospital. He immediately started explaining and teaching this country boy on the problems and solutions of my situation.

He's not only extremely knowledgeable in his field he also has the wisdom of how to use it. He takes the time to make sure you understand and then as you grasp the concept he adds something new and coaches you through the process. Office visits are punctual, friendly, and full of useful information. I just wish I had met him sooner. If you listen and do what he says you too will see incredible results. If I could I would give him 10 stars. God bless you Dr. Cherem and family. May you continue many years helping and training others.


So often when we are diagnosed with a chronic disease or disorder, the hardest thing is wondering whether we have chosen the right doctor for our recovery.  Although I am in the beginning stages of my healing, I wanted to offer my comments regarding Dr. Cherem to possibly help you in making a decision on choosing him as your Nephrologist.  Dr. Cherem is an expert in his field.  He is extremely scientific and knowledgeable in reaching the proper diagnosis for his patients.  He possesses the ability to explain your complications in a manner that you will understand.  Beyond his specialized knowledge within his field of medicine, he truly expresses care for his patients.  He is elated when the progress is good, concerned when the progress is slow, and is proactive in changing the plan as necessary for continued positive results. When my husband and I are asked how we like our doctor, we both respond in the same way... we love him!

Mary and Bryan Gordon

I'm a blessed man. I was so fortunate to meet Dr. Cherem. He is not just my Dr.but he has become my friend. My wife Jeanette like me truly enjoy our visits. On his recent visit to Israel he talked about the places he visited and the things he did. My wife was delighted to hear of his adventures. When I go for my appointments with him it's like visiting a friend. He never gave up on me when times were rough. His care is best. He has time to address my health concerns and always has time for my questions. I'm very happy to have Dr. Lazaro Cherem formy Dr.

Robert Lee Burnett Sr.

Dr. Cherem has been my post transplant Nephrologist for the past 9 years. In that time Dr. Cherem has demonstrated his professionalism, knowledge, experience, generosity of his time and most of all his caring for me as his patient. As a kidney transplant patient going on 10 years now I have seen many many doctors in that time for various conditions, I have yet to meet a Doctor that possesses as many great qualities that Dr. Cherem has demonstrated to me since my first meeting with him. i really appreciate having a Nephrologist as capable and as caring as Dr. Cherem. I saved my very first e-mail Dr. Cherem personally sent to me on August 15, 2007 not because it contained any great insight about my health at the time, but rather because it provided great insight to the type of Man that had just become my Doctor.

"Here is your med planner. I hope I did it right. Thanks for comming to the office and for giving me a chance. I'll try my best to meet all your needs". Lazaro Cherem, M.D.

Wow, what an e-mail from a Doctor, never seen such an e-mail before or since from any other Doctor. Well Dr. Cherem for me you did it right and you have met all my needs in the almost 9 years since you sent me that first e-mail.

Thank you for all your doctoring and support through the years.

Billy Campbell

Dr. Cherem is one of the kindest and the most patient doctor I have ever met. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I've been working with Dr. Cherem for a year now and I must say that he is my favorite Nephrologist. He is very witty and has a good sense of humor. All of his patients are very pleased with how he handles their condition. He takes the time to explain everything to his patients until they are very well informed and confident with the care plan that is being delivered.

Millicent Sarmiento RN

I was always very impressed with Dr. Cherem's ability to handle stressful situations and get patients to relax when others could not. His professional approach definitely helped to increase the success rate of the clinic whom I worked with. His abilities allow him to work with patients of all ages and his effectiveness knows no age bracket. The feedback I got from patients treated by Dr. Cherem was always positive and glowing.

Winston R.

Dr Cherem is one of the best nephrologists i"ve ever worked with. he is very experienced in his field and really cares for his patients. He also has this web site which is filled with valuable information and I recommend it to all my patients. I know that his patients that I take care of on dialysis are very happy that he is their nephrologist

Janet Daniels

Dr. Mario Rubin was the first nephrologist I had ever seen. He told me he was moving to Atlanta and recommended that I continue my treatment with Dr. Lazaro Cherem. This was one of the best recommendations I think I have gotten.I am very happy with Dr. Cherem. He is no nonsense, to the point, knows what he's talking about and easy to understand.You can talk with him and when you leave you feel more confident and know you've been at the right doctor. My son took me to an appointment one day, and later commented; " you know dad, that man is one good doctor". I'm impressed that my son saw that as I do.

Bill Kestler

I wanted a second opinion on the removal of my kidney, but eventhough Dr. Cherem was not able to help me with this condition, i was glad that i found his practice. I was loosing feith on good doctors in this country, but as soon he started talking/showing in pictures/explaining in simple english and spanish things to me, I was able to belive that good doctors still exist. He sat with me for more than 1 hour (i don't think i have ever talked for that long with a doctor), after scolding me in a good way about my life habbits and reading all my results, he recommended me to an urologist...but again!! Si glad i found a honest, concerned for patients doctor!!!


Congratulations Dr. Cherem, when I was in your office I noticed the two awards you got this past month, "American Best Physicians" 2016 for Nephrology, and from Who's Who inducting you in the Honor List of Best Doctors in America. Truthfully, if every one of your patients would give you an award, you would not have enough walls in your large office building to place them because I know how much you mean to all of us your patients and we know how much we mean to you as well, palpable in the way you treat me and all the rest of the patients, just a quick read of testimonials is enough to spot the trend we all agree on, you devot time to us like no other doctor, you are our advocate and you get things done and done well. Keep it up doc, you see?, other people notice too.


I stumbled across this website of a colleague of mine and just wanted to say a few things about Dr. Cherem. Not only is he a colleague of mine, but he has also been an individual who has shown me very good ideas as to how to be a better doctor myself. His patients love him and his staff loves him also. I have had the privelege of working side by side with him on numerous occasions and his wealth of knowledge is profound, not only in medicine but in philosophy also. Just an overall wonderful man and physician. Thank you Dr. Cherem for all your support and guidance.


For many years I have had the privilege to know Dr. Lázaro Cherem. He is not only a wonderful human being, but also one of the best and most experienced doctors and specialists. His human qualities are unique. I flew from Mexico City to see him because I was in great pain and discomfort. With his deep knowledge, he immediately explained to me what my kidney problem was. He suggested the best treatment alternatives, which saved my kidneys and my life. I will be grateful forever.

Patricia Michan

After my kidney transplant in 1999, a nephrologist in the St. Luke's Hospital system took up my care. Four years later, he left Houston to accept a position in another city. In a letter to me, he said he was transferring my medical files to a nephrologist, Dr. Lazaro Cherem, to handle my kidney care. As a transplant patient, you depend on your nephrologist so much - so honestly,I felt a little lost & apprehensive in getting this news.My very first visit to Dr. Cherem put my reservations to rest. He walked in with a big smile on his face like he'd just won the lottery. His easy-going style and humor put me at ease right away. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. With each succeeding visit to Dr. Cherem, I found very much more to like about this man. If one could list the attributes they would look for in the "ideal" doctor, Dr. Cherem would come closest to matching these attributes - such as an encyclopedic knowledge of all things kidney, compassion, wisdom, humor, and a fierce advocate for my kidney's health.

So if I could talk personally to the next 1000 people in Houston who have kidney issues and need answers and the best care anywhere, I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Cherem. I can't do that - but I'd be so happy if I reached even a fraction of those through this testimonial. Please see my friend, my nephrologist, Dr. Cherem.

Don Becker

I have been a patient of Dr. Cherem for several years. He is a wonderful doctor with a great personality. He makes you laugh when you feel down. He is extremely honest and always informative. I highly recommend him to anyone with kidneys issues. He has kept me from needing dialysis and has helped me regulate my problems.

Michael Bostain

Cálido ser humano, preciso de algunos cuantos adjetivos para describir a un ser humano espectacular.

Norma Rophie

I want to thank Dr Cherem for the excellent and compassionate care given to my brother during while in Houston. I'm very honored to have meet him and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any patient with renal illness


I have had Dr Cherem for my kidney Specialist for over 12 years. I was on the waiting list for two years and he was my kidney transplant Doctor. Dr Cherem is the Best kidney specialist in the world. He has passion for all his patients. He has been with me through good times and bad times. He always been there for me and my family. He always been honest with me and my family. I highly recommend him.


There are kidney doctors who monitor you until you need dialysis and there are those who move heaven and earth to keep you off dialysis. Dr. Cherem is in the latter category. My husband's cardiologist recommended Dr. Cherem. At the first appointment we learned that my husband, John, likely did NOT have the chronic kidney disease he had been diagnosed with 5 years ago. Tests proved Dr. Cherem right and, just in time, as John was on his way to kidney failure due to a bladder obstruction. Dr. Cherem facilitated referral to a urologist, admission into St. Lukes, and daily monitoring and adjusting intake and output until John's kidneys recovered sufficiently for the bladder obstruction surgery to take place. John never had to have dialysis. Dr. Cherem was cheerful, upbeat, witty, and exacting. We felt as if John was Dr. Cherem's only patient because we always had his undivided attention. Now, several months later, Dr. Cherem continues to monitor John's labs and work with him to improve kidney function. Without hesitation we urge folks with kidney issues to have a visit with Dr. Cherem. It might change your life.

Eileen Hohlt

Dr. Cherem has been my nephrologist for 10+ years. He is very thorough, I never feel rushed and he truly cares for me, not just as a patient, but is genuinely concerned for my well being. He takes the time to know me and my family. I have been with him through dialysis and post transplant I highly recommend Dr Cherem

Kelly Mullen

After my first kidney transplant failed, I traveled to Houston where I met Dr. Cherem. I felt like my world was falling apart, and I was very surprised by Dr. Cherem's jovial attitude. Now, 4 years post-transplant I realize that his confidence comes not only from his vast knowledge and experience, but God is working through him. Dr. Cherem has not only changed my life, but I view him like a part of my family. He is a truly outstanding Physician and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

William Watson, Cayman Islands

Dr.Cherem is hands down the best Nephrologist Ever. I have been a patient of his for over 8 years and he has always been helpful in every situation i go through and is SERIOUSLY a LIFE SAVER!!!

I am really blessed to have him as my Doctor and would really recommend him to anyone that needs a professional well educated Nephrologist that knows exactly what he is doing.

Jasminder Singh

I have been going to Dr. Cherem for many years now. Over the last five years, he has saved my life three times. There is nothing more I can say except that he is the best!

Clay Thompson

The circumstances that brought Dr. Cherem and I together were bizarre to say the least. Since that meeting, I have learned that I am the patient of one of the leading doctors of nephrology in our area. Dr. Cherem is one of the kindest and the most patient doctor I have ever met. He is truly committed to his patients and his work and you can see the passion with which he applies his trade. He will spend the time necessary with his patients to make sure they understand everything about their condition. That is one of the main things missing from medicine today and it is very refreshing to not feel like you are being rushed through an office visit. I have only been a patient for a short time, but I am pleased with where we are and the care I am receiving.

Gary Keathley

Enjoyed meeting my mother's nephrologist, Dr. Cherem, when she went in to see him a few weeks ago. He joked with her and teased her and we all laughed. At 90 years old, it is very important to laugh! Her lab work indicated that she might be having some kidney issues which had never occurred to us. He had her lab work repeated and we are going back this morning for a follow-up. Dr. Cherem is not only very thorough and professional, he is also a pleasure to be with!

Martha Bell

After years with my old kidney doctor my renal failure was getting worse, so I decided to find another doctor. Doctor Cherem name kept popping up as the number one kidney doctor in the Houston area. After reading all the wonderful reviews I decided to make an appointment with him. On my very first visit I knew Dr. Cherem was different from any doctor I had ever seen before. That first visit Dr. Cherem explain things to me about my renal failure that other doctors never took the time to. That first visit took a total of two hours. I am 62 years old and have never seen ANY doctor that has spent two hours with me explaining and developing a plan for my care. I felt like I knew Dr. Cherem all my life. That's how at ease he made me feel. I could not believe what a wonderful person Dr. Cherem is. When I left that first visit I knew I had found the right doctor for me. (And as a side note, my wife was with me and she do not like any doctors, and on the way home she express how much she liked Dr. Cherem. So trust me, he must be special) My second visit with him was as great as the first one. After all the lab and test results Dr. Cherem told me what he believed was part of my problem and got on the phone right then and called and made arrangements for me to see a cardiologist that specialized in the field of what he thought was part of my illness. I know that God give each one of us a special gift and he has given Dr. Cherem the gift to treat and save the lives of his children. I would recommend Dr. Cherem to anyone who is sick and want to get well. He is truly God sent. Thanks a million My friend.

Raymond L. Brandon

Dr Cherem is my nephrologist and he has been an excellent doctor for me. I thought I could not like him more than I already do, but I was wrong. I went to see him with my 84 year old mother, and he spent a long time explaining everything to my mother so she could understand. My mother had been seeing a group of doctors that were in the same building as the cardiologist for convenience, and she always felt that she was seeing a doctor for the first time. She saw someone different every appointment. It is so nice to see the same doctor that knows your case and knows you. Dr Cherem impressed me even more the way he treated my mother.

Italia Catania

Dr. Cherem is an awesome physician. After my lab results came in, he spent a lot of time with me going over each result, what that means to me, and how I can change my lifestyle to improve my results. He also took the time to make sure I understood everything we discussed by having me explain it back to him. The visit was very conversational and I felt at ease under his care. Dr. Cherem is very genuine and has a great sense of humor on top of his excellent treatment. I would recommend anyone to him!

Victoria B.

Dr. Cherem has been great! It's hard to find a doctor that has a good bed side manner and knows his practice. It's hard for many doctors to please my wife, but with Dr. Cherem she won't let me see another doctor even if I wanted to. I've been seeing him since the late summer of 2009 while doing my transplant work up. Here we are nearly 6 years later and I'm still happy with the care and treatment I receive. My wife and I both thank you for what you've done for us and pray that we continue to not interrupt any more of your weekends off.

Terry Meeks

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Dr Lazaro cherem is a excellent physician who practices nephrology and transplant medicine . I am a student , who was lucky enough to observe his practice . He an extremely knowledgeable nephrologist and a great mentor . As a nephrologist he is very professional and he shows great compassion towards his patients.He makes sure he spends enough time to educate his patients well enough to understand their kidney related condition,its implications on their life,the care they need to follow to prevent further damage, to memorize,understand and timely dosage of the medications they are on,kidney related diet and so on which you can also see in links section of this website. His motto "A great doctor should always be one step ahead of the problem,not behind it". He was very successful in treating some of the rare kidney related disorders.He makes excellent patient notes,lists patients current medications and their multiple diagnoses in an orderly manner,shares them in timely manner to the physicians involved in the patient care & keeps good track of his patient medical records for use at subsequent patient visits and follow-ups. He is highly respected and loved by his patients, their families and friends; fellow doctors, nurses and staff.His staff is efficient and pleasant and they are there to make your life easier.He has very well established relationships with many of his patients over many years,some of who travel really long distances to be under his care as their nephrologist .He works with the patient to make sure they get what they need for their best possible care.Knowing for sure that you will be in proficient friendly,caring hands, i strongly recommend Dr Cherem , if you need any advice , diagnosis , treatment , follow-up about the kidney ,dialysis, transplant related conditions.I thank him for his excellent mentoring and his advices about insight into patient care.

Dr. Mutti

Dr Cherem is one of these doctors that you always dream to have it as your physician. I like him for his knowledge and the will to share it with you. His honesty and modesty make you , for a moment, to forget the reason that you went to visit him.Thank you Doctor for all the confidence you did inspired in me.

Eli Aruh

I have had the pleasure to meet with Dr. Cherem for a consult and was struck by his honesty and integrity .Hi is a down to earth physician very warm & funny. He made me feel at ease from the moment I met him.Dr. Cherem is very knowledgeable, and smart. I am very grateful to have him as my physician. Definitely the best Doctor in Houston!


David K.

Dr. Cherem is a brilliant physician who is also very honest, warm, and caring.When I went to his office for a consult, he came in the room with a beautiful smile on his face. Right away, I felt very comfortable, and definitely in the right place! He gave me all the time needed, made sure that all my questions were answered.

Dr. Cherem comes highly recommended. I consider myself lucky to have him as my physician.He is definitely the best Doctor in Houston!


Rina K.

El Dr.Luis Camacho nos refirió con el Dr.Cherem Lázaro, él desde que entra al consultorio el te da la confianza, que todo paciente necesita el aparte de ser el amigo y la verdad que el te explica paso a paso todo lo que tienes que saber , mi esposo Alfonso Alvarez el es el paciente, pero nos quedamos muy encantados en la primera visita de hoy y todo con mucho respeto, gracias Dr.Cherem, nos vemos pronto Dios le Bendiga

Alfonso Alvarez

El doctor Eduardo Hernandez mi cardiologo me recomendó que fuera con el doctor Lazaro Cherem y sin duda uno de los doctores más éticos y profesionales que he conocido, me explico hasta que entendí mi problema y sus consecuencias y hoy estoy mas que agradecido ya que nunca antes nadie se había tomado el tiempo de explicar con tanta claridad todo acerca de mi padecimiento. Agradezco profundamente al doctor Lazaro todo su tiempo y dedicación para hacerme entender y de verdad recomiendo ampliamente!

Alejandro Mexsen

The Quick Version: Brilliant, thorough, insightful, and caring: together those words describe Dr. Cherem. He made my husband’s life better and in short order. I recommend him without hesitation or qualification.The Details: My husband suffers from a rare disorder, Liddle’s syndrome, which causes him to lose potassium. For almost 18 years, he has been misdiagnosed and thereby mistreated. Dr. Cherem took him as a patient and had a correct diagnosis and treatment protocol within 48 hours. 48 HOURS vs 18 YEARS. That is at least 75,000 unnecessary prescription pills that my husband would not have taken had he seen Dr. Cherem in 1997 when we first knew he had a problem.

Renae Oldner

El Dr. Cherem es el Doctor más ético, profesional y humano que he conocido. Agradezco el que me haya informado con claridad mi estado de salud y lo que debo hacer para vivir mejor. Lo recomiendo ampliamente y solo le deseo mucha salud y Bendiciones para que siga ayudando a muchos pacientes.Gracias Dr. Cherem y a todo su equipo.

O. Enrique Carrillo Puebla, Pue. México

When Dr. Cherem walks into your hospital room with his wonderful smile you feel better instantly ! You just know he has all the answers and that he will spend as long as it takes for you to understand what needs to be done. He is one of the most compassionate doctors we have EVER met !


Jerry & Pam Kissner

After many years as a patient of Dr. Cherem, my mother received a kidney transplant. After the surgery, Dr. Cherem, his office staff, and his team of physicians, nurses, coordinators, and directors worked tirelessly to ensure that we were apprised of her progress and any new developments. Dr. Cherem worked one-on-one with the kidney transplant at all hours of the day giving orders on how to proceed with her care and treatment; under Dr. Cherem’s care, no physician or nurse would move forward with any treatment plan without Dr. Cherem’s approval. Upon discharge, one of the coordinators informed me that Dr. Cherem does things very differently because he wants to be hands on with each one of his patients. I feel very confident and honored to have trusted my mother’s care to him and his team. He is a brilliant physician who is also frank, kind, and has a great attention to detail. He comes highly recommended.


I was referred to Dr. Cherem from a friend after I wasn't getting clear answers from another I was seeing over one year. I wish I would have asked my friend for this referral first. Glad to be a patient I feel like he cares about finding out what's wrong and willing to take to time to do it. I believe whatever the problem is I am with the doctor that will give me the best care and solution for me as an individual. There's a personal touch from him and his staff.

Venus Williams

I have been with Dr Cherem for 3 years. My husband went to his office to meet with him when I consideredchanging doctors at the beginning and I was told by my husband to keep him that he liked him. My husband's family were all doctors on both his mother's and father's side. My husband being an ex bankercan tell in five minutes weather he will do business i.e. loans with that person or not. The more I know him,the more I like him. I had a transplant two weeks ago where his knowledge and experience was at his best.I had a team working for me and no one made a move without consulting him. My family and I have grown to love him. He has morals, and I enjoy talking to him about other subjects because he is so interesting.He enjoys learning. I am so happy I sent my husband to see him.

Italia Catania

It seems that everything on Dr. Cherem's website has already been said. Dr. Cherem has been my Nephrologist for over 12 years, I can tell you that you will never be just a number to him. Dr. Cherem is the best doctor in Houston, my kidneys were in terrible condition when I was referred to him and now they are doing great! When I say that Dr. Cherem is the best Dr. in Houston I am not just saying that he is just not the best Nephrologist (which he is) I am also saying he is the best doctor I have EVER been to period.Dr. Cherem will address your situation in layman terms that you will understand and take the time to answer any questions you may have. If he believes that you have other issues going on Dr. Cherem will get the best doctor in to take care of you. Dr. Cherem is the outstanding diagnostician I have ever been to, and I have been ill for 30 years.Do not hesitate to call Dr. Cherem, I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family or friends, you will not regret seeing Dr. Cherem and he has a great sense of humor which is always a plus!

Mi Mi Witherspoon

Excelente medico y mejor persona.He tenido la gran suerte de conocerlo y beneficiarme de su gran diagnostico en diversas ocasiones. Que Dios lo bendiga para que mantenga esas cualidades y le permitan seguir ayudando a la humanidad.

Adolfo Amkie

Dr. Cherem is a brilliant and very caring physician. He always takes the time to answer my questions and concerns and makes me feel at ease. I have found him to be very knowledgeable in his and many other fields of medicine.I feel so grateful for everything he has done for me and my family.I highly recommend him, you'll be in the best hands!

Esther Abadi

I am impressed with Dr.Cherem. He is an excellent physician and always available when you need him. He takes time to get to know you and your family. He gives the best medical care and always sees you on time. Dr. Cherem has a caring nature and keeps you informed on your condition. I am always so comfortable when I see him and know I am getting the best of care. He also has a great sense of humor which comes in handy when you are ill. Thanks Dr. Cherem from all the Grange family.

Kerry Grange

Dr. Cherem is a physician that cares about the well being of his patients in every medical aspect. He takes the time to explain logically the problem, how it affects you and how we together shall approach the situation. With his positive attitude and knowledge I walk out of the office feeling very comfortable with no apprehensions, concerns or worries of not understanding the results of the visit. I am very grateful to have him as my Doctor.

Don Garnett

Dr. Cherem has an excellent combination of an extremely friendly manner, a keen awareness of patient concerns and a command of the field of Nephrology. Although I have always had a fear of going to a Doctor, I look forward to my visits with Dr. Cherem.

Bob Elberger

Cuando llegué a la consulta del Dr Cherem ya venía tratándome con otro médico, pero sin ver resultados positivos. Es más estaba empeorando. Fue otro médico quien me lo recomendó y fuí buscando una segunda opinión... y hoy en día aunque me toma una hora y quince minutos llegar a su consulta, las manejo feliz y muy agradecida. No sólo porque mi salud está mejor --muy importante-- sino porque es un profesional impecable y todo su equipo es muy humano. El es muy conocedor de su tema (se toma el tiempo necesario para explicar de maneras diferentes, hasta que uno entiende); además de tener experiencia está abierto a lo nuevo y a lo que ya no se usa, siempre evaluando lo que funcionaría en cada caso; es muy respetuoso del paciente y consciente de las necesidades de nuestro espíritu, sin perder de vista su meta que es la de curar el cuerpo; siempre ayudando al paciente para que al salir de esa consulta, uno salga con renovadas energías y convencido que "todo está bien". Muchas gracias Doctor y pido a Dios por el bienestar de usted, su equipo y su familia. Está demás decir que lo recomiendo totalmente!!!

Marissa Olivares

I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Dr. Cherem. He immediately makes you feel at ease with his wonderful bedside manner.He is extremely thorough and explains everything in terms one can understand. He always pauses to check if you understand everything and gives you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. If I could I'd make him my primary care physician. He's not only an excellent doctor he's a wonderful caring person.

Dick Fiterman

Dr. Cherem...Thank you for taking such good care of our Dad. You always lift his spirits and make him feel better. We are so grateful to have you on "Team John". Your expertise in your field and wonderful beside manner truly have made a difference in his life. We just love you!

Mary Raia and family

Thank you for such a wonderful website! It is so full of many links and resources for us to get the information we need on many different topics. I especially appreciate the links and information on diets and recipes! I was so glad to find that it even has a page that explaines what electrolytes are! I haven't had the time yet to check out much of the other information, but look forward to reading it as I have the time.

Glenda Salser

Dr. Cherem, I appreciate your oversight of my care, and your help in getting my condition stabilized. Much prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ, and your expertise has stopped my condition from plummeting and spiralling downward, and has stabilized it. Thank you for being pleasant and making my office visits enjoyable.

Glenda & Ann Salser

When my FSGS went out of remission I was out of options with my old Nephrologist. They just wanted to put me back on steroids and that was a very depressing experience for me and let's face it, it didn't work. Dr. Cherem was recommended by a family member that works in the medical center who said he was top of his field. She was right. I live in Austin, Tx but I choose to drive three hours to Houston to visit Dr. Cherem. The quality of care greatly surpasses what I had here in Austin. While I am still not in remission, I am right on the edge and have confidence that Dr. Cherem will get me there.

David Ancira

I have been under the care of Dr. Cherem since November of 2011. When I was rushed to St. Luke's via Life Flight after an angioplasty procedure went wrong elsewhere. I coded twice during the procedure, but once I was stabilized, Dr. Cherem was on the team of doctors that helped to preserve my life, in addition to God having a purpose for me to be here. He treats his patients with respectful, yet stern manner. I highly recommend Dr. Cherem for any services that you may encounter.

Pete Brown

Awesome doctor! Absolutely brilliant! Really explains everything thoroughly and is very friendly! He also approaches your medical dilemma in new innovative ways. My organs and my body is responding/ functioning much better than it did before and I have the tests to prove it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


I think he's an excellent doctor and has very good bedside manners. I'm blessed to have him as my doctor.

Barbara Townsend

I am very happy to be a patient of Dr. Cherem . For him any patient is important . He listen very attentively and is willing to solve your doubts, so I feel very confident to ask him anything about my kidney problems .I would recommend him to any person with the assurance that also will be a happy patient.I am a liver transplant patient and he is always asking about my liver condition, he works hard in order of not damage it more.

Pilar Melgoza

Dr. Diez, my cardiologist recommended I see Dr Cherem for kidney concerns about 2 years ago. Dr. Cherem has corrected my situation. I also have Mutiple Myloma; Dr. Cherem is knowledgeable in both my heart concerns and as well my cancer. I am always very impressed with Dr. Cherem's knowledge of each of these and how they affect each other as well as the medications. Dr Cherem always spends the time to be sure we understand the problem and the solution. Dr. is forever outgoing and friendly, I always look forward to seeing him. I must say I always leave feeling better than before I went there. When I was in the hospital for a heart situation Dr. Cherem came by every day and gave a level of comfort and confidence that turned out most important as I had a very serious reaction to the medication. I feel very blessed and fortunate to know Dr. Cherem and able to call him my doctor and friend.

Rob Robinson

I've been a patient for over three years. Dr. Cherem connects quickly with his patients and clearly has a passion for his profession. He is very knowledgeable and experienced which allows him to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions relating to nephrology, hypertension & transplant medicine. I think his biggest asset is that he genuinely cares and he is able to convey that caring to his patients. I feel fortunate that my cardiologist recommended him to me.

Marlon Harrison

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Cherem or what he has meant to me in the many years that I have been seeing him for my kidney insufficiency. He is the most hands-on doctor that I have and always helpful in making me (and my husband) understand the process and where things stand regarding my health. I will eventually need dialysis and/or kidney transplantation but it is so very comforting know that Dr. Cherem is in charge and working in my best interest. The amount of time and energy he gives to his patients in this "hurry-up world" is, its incredible. Thanks, Dr. C - you know I love ya.

Mary Raines

I was referred to Dr. Cherem in 2012 by my cardiologist because my kidney function had decreased significantly. Dr. Cherem’s office runs efficiently, the staff is competent and friendly, appointments are on time, and office facilities are clean and comfortable. From that first visit Dr. Cherem has answered all my questions and has made sure I understand what I must do to preserve and stabilize my kidney function. He never rushes through the appointments with me and is completely focused on my treatment during my appointment. It is obvious he cares about his patients and is dedicated to their care. (Dr. Cherem’s treatment regime has been successful and my kidney function has stabilized.) I highly recommend Dr. Cherem.

Nick Saliagas

Dr.Cherem has been my doctor since 2007.I have never had a doctor who is as patient,explains what ever I and my wife want to know fully.I appreciate and rely on his vast medical knowledge and experience.I never have a problem with his office returning my calls.I feel very blessed to have such a doctor at 83.

Hugh Flora

I have been a patient of Dr. Cherem for 3 years. I have found him to be thorough, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and most of all concerned about my health. He is never too busy to explain an answer to a question that I might ask. I also love his jokes. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Barbara Murray League City

I have been a patient of Dr. Cherem for over 8 years. I was lucky enough to get a transplant 4 years ago and to this day I consider him the best Doctor I have in the 56 years I have been on this earth. His knowledge, wisdom, and wit are only surpassed by his compassion and caring for his patients. He treats you like you are his only patient. He spends time explaining and answering all questions you may have. I would recommend Dr. Cherem to all and in fact, I have to my friends, and they are all very satisfied with their treatment.

Ron Cohen, Sugar Land

I have been a patient of Dr. Cherem since 2007 and I can say that he is the most caring, compassionate and altogether one of the great nephrologists in the Houston area. He is always so concerned and totally involved with me in the examining room. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Cherem and his professional and caring approach to my needs. I also would like to complement his staff and their approach to his patients. They are always pleasant and the wait time is never long. I would highly recommend Dr. Cherem to anyone.he has kept me and my transplanted kidney well and functioning for over seven years.

Mary Dufilho

Dr. Cherem your website is awesome! It provides the patient and the caregiver a wealth of helpful information and a pretty good-looking picture of you! My wife and I are pleased to comment on the excellent care that you have provided to me for my chronic kidney disease, since 2007. My goal and yours has been to avoid dialysis and thank God and you for our success! Dr. Cherem is a brilliant, thorough and compassionate physician in all of his treatment and practices. He always listens to the concerns of me and my wife, to better understand and work together with us to ensure the best treatment for my overall health and healing. Dr. Cherem clearly and honestly explains his treatment plans and always manages to add a welcome dose of humor in both the office and hospital settings. He is highly respected and loved by his patients, their families and friends; fellow doctors, nurses and staff. We will continue to highly recommend Dr. Cherem to family, friends and anyone who needs his help. My wife and I pray for Dr. Cherem and his family regularly. May God continue to bless and keep him. Harold & Josephine White, League City, TX

Harold & Josephine White

My Rheumatoid Arthritis physician referred me to Dr. Cherem in 2009 and my opinion of his superb 'doctoring' still has not changed. He does not rush through his exam and takes the needed time to explain what I, as his patient, need to know about maintaining good kidney health with the many other health problems that I have. I also took my companion of 45 years to see him - we mentioned his having unexplained perspiration on his forehead. When Dr. Cherem looked at his list of medications, he immediately spotted the cause - glaucoma eye drops, of all things, were causing the problem. A patient could not ask for a more thorough physician than Dr. Cherem. He is very personable and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is efficient and pleasant; our waiting time to see Dr. Cherem was minimal. What patient could ask for more?

Mary Horton

Dr, Cherem is strictly the best. I have been using him for years, kidney problems, high blood pressure etd. He is so patient, when I was in the Hospital, he was there everyday and he was not the cardiologist But the MAIN THING he CARES, I have all the confidence in him and highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed. If you don't understand something, he will keep on until you do. There has never been a long wait time. Try him you will like him. 

Jack Jackson

My internist referred me to Dr. Cherem several years ago following many difficulties with getting my blood pressure under control. Dr. Cherem had the problem solved within a short amount of time and has kept close tabs on me since then, making adjustments when necessary. From the beginning, I have felt like I am in good hands under his care. Thank you, Dr. Cherem, for your skill and devotion to your profession and for your kindness to those of us who rely on you for our health and well-being.

Martha Maer

Dr. Cherem (in conjunction with my cardiologist) has been effectively managing my hypertension for over ten years. He is extremely professional and thorough. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and patiently answers my questions and addresses my concerns. I am very impressed with the quality of his care. I highly recommend his practice.


Dr. Cherem saved my life by telling me about dialysis and helping me to agree to it. His concern and knowledge explained to me the benefit of living and I thank him for that for I saw my daughter get married and now have 3 beautiful grandchildren that keeps me going till I get a transplant. Another great thing about Dr. Cherem is when your appointment is scheduled you never have to wait more then 10 minutes. He never rushes and explains everything to you very well. Thank you Doc. Jerry.. You got me back on the golf course.


I have seen Dr Cherem for many years since Dr. Ruben recommended him. He is a well-mannered, thorough doctor with a good bed side manner. He knows and cares for his patients as well as has a good sense of humor. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cherem to those who have renal illnesses. Thank You.

John Lindner

I have been seeing Dr. Cherem for several years now, and have always had a great experience. He is friendly, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. His clinic is extremely well run where appointment times are actually kept. Dr. Cherem always takes the time to explain, clearly and concisely, what's going on with my kidneys and what I should do to keep them as healthy as possible. When I was hospitalized last year he was there everyday to make sure I was getting the proper treatment to save my kidney function, and I am truly grateful. Doctors like him are a rarity today where so many clinicians are so impersonal... and believe me I have seen my fair share. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in receiving the highest quality care... Thanks so much Doc for all you have done for me.

Robert Neyra, Retired Teacher

I have seen Dr. Lazaro Cherem for almost 10 years. I was very strongly recommended to him by Dr. Arthur Springer, from Houston Medical Clinic, my cardiovascular specialist.I am very particular about the healthcare providers I elect to manage my care. The criteria I look for in a physician’s practice are extremely stringent. I would like to say that I was impressed from the moment he walked into the room. I met Dr. Cherem and was so pleased with his easygoing and caring manner. He took the time to make a connection with me and gave the impression that I was his only patient that day. When one considers how healthcare has changed over the years, this was particularly impressive to me. Dr. Cherem was absolutely delightful. I found him to be very competent, thorough , yet gentle and reassuring. He provided with helpful information and spoke to me in a manner that let me know I mattered. In addition, Dr. Cherem respects time and is a true believer in punctuality and following and proceeding as needed by the rules. Such respect and dignity towards a patient and his or her valuable time is much appreciated as in others facilities I have had to wait hours to see a Doctor with an appointment.

I believe when people are shown they’re appreciated and valued, it cultivates uplifting morale and goodwill spreads in the workplace.That is why I can assure my quality of life has improved by the care I have and will continue to have under Dr. Cherem who as a matter of fact, besides all the good things I can tell about his practice he has another great advantage, he is not going to retire as he mentioned to me some time ago. That gives to me peace of mind . To find another doctor like him will not be easy.

Angel Cuervo reg. Architect in the State of Texas.

Empecé a tratarme con el Doctor Lazaro Cherem recientemente debido a que mi presión arterial se salió de control exageradamente,aunque desde hace años yo la venía tratando bajo el cuidado de un profesional. Decidí cambiar de doctor y como las referencias que obtuve fueron tan buenas solicite una visita. Resultó ser muy satisfactoria pues el doctor fue sumamente cauteloso recetándome las medicinas adecuadas muy poco a poco hasta llegar a las dosis necesarias, que por cierto, fueron justamente el doble de lo que yo tomaba anteriormente, además me agrego dos prescripciones mas y mis lecturas de la presion son una maravilla gracias a la experiencia de este gran doctor de la Medicina. Su trato es exquisito y contesta todas las preguntas del paciente dedicandole el tiempo necesario y haciendolo de una manera facil en cuanto al lenguaje de una persona sin conocimientos cientificos. El lugar de su oficina esta muy conveniente y no hay que pagar estacionamiento y debo mencionar que sus citas con los pacientes se cumplen con exactitud, detalle este que todos nosotros agradecemos como pacientes ya que es una gran consideracion de su parte.

Sylvia Cuervo

I would highly recommend Dr. Cherem. My experience with him has been excellent. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to answer all my questions. He also has a very well run office. Appointments are on time, so very little waiting. Thank you Dr. Cherem, your patients love you.

Judy Leistad

I was honored to have a 2 months nephrology rotation under the supervision of Dr. Cherem. During this rich experience, I got the chance to learn more about the principles of kidney disease, hypertension, dialysis and acid-base balance simplified by Dr. Cherem; indicating a high level of knowledge. I was lucky enough to learn a great deal about kidney transplant, a topic that has always fascinated me, and have encounters with patient undergoing this procedure.

Nonetheless, what I learnt the most from Dr. Cherem was not the medical aspect, but how to be a human before being a doctor; the way he cares about his patients, always giving them the priority and giving as much time as needed to address their concerns was astonishing for me. Dr. Cherem honestly always shows the highest level of interest of every aspect of a patient’s life , he is well acknowledged of the simplest facts about his patients; like what makes them laugh, their worries and how to deal with that professionally, not sparing any detail to make the patient happy and well.

Dr. Cherem is an excellent Nephrologist. I have the highest respect for him and I strongly recommend him.

Tamer Bisharat

My husband has been under Dr. Cherem's care since 2005. He is a wonderful doctor. Not only is he pleasant to be around (he can always put you in a good mood) but he knows what he is talking about. He takes his time explaining things to you and makes sure you understand. His bedside manner is superb! I could go on forever about what a careing man he is and what a great doctor he is. His patients are number one in his book and he shows it by the way he treats them. My husband says "but I don't want to give him the big head!" We are very lucky to have him on our side and fortunate to have him as our doctor.

Dorothy Hocott

I worked for Dr. Cherem in 2007. He has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent diagnostician. He is extremely dedicated to his patients and providing them with the best care possible and a better quality of life. He is very personable and has excellent bedside manner. I could always hear him in his exam rooms laughing with his patients. The most moving moments however were when the patients were leaving the office, they always told me how much they loved Dr. Cherem. How he saved their lives, answered all their questions or made them laugh. Their whole hearted appreciation for Dr. Cherem as their healthcare provider was always evident. He takes the time to answer all your questions and make sure you understand everything. Now a days that's not easy to find. Dr Cherem is a true gem. I admire him greatly. He is an excellent doctor always committed to his patients. I highly recommend him.


Dr. Cherem saved my kidneys after my legs blew up like balloons. He takes charge and gets things done. He even has good jokes!

John M. Cullen

The WORD is medical proficiency - I have been under the medical (renal) and maintenance care of Dr. Cherem since 2007, and each scheduled office visit is a remarkable one (getting better from the last). He is thorough and detailed and a very pleasant person to be with. To sum it up, I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Nephrologist and/or a Medical Doctor.

Lee Kempski Houston, TX

I don't want to take too long to leave a meaningful message and one that I genuinely want to convey. If you are sick, you would be blessed to have him in your team of doctors. Like he always joked with me and the family when he made rounds in my case, "I don't do windows, but I only do kidneys", well, if kidney problem is your malady, you better get him to take care of you. A very greatful patient, I wish him all the best.


My wife was lucky enough to spend a clinical clerkship with Dr L Cherem. Since we are both in medicine, she shared some of Dr Cherem’s teachings, philosophy of medical practice, and other pearls of wisdom he taught. My immediate reaction was thankfulness that she should be trained by Dr Cherem, a physician with so much experience and knowledge, but also a personable human being—a uniquely good person. His careful, thorough approach draws upon decades of accumulated scholarship in nephrology and medicine. Dr Cherem has earned great respect from the medical community because of his accomplishments, expertise, stature, and teachings. Because of his deep understanding of the fundamentals in his specialty, skills, and bedside manner, I strongly recommend Dr Cherem if you need advice about the kidney. If I had kidney disease, I would consult with him immediately. Dr Cherem is the kind of classic gem of a doctor that medicine needs more of in this too-busy-to-listen-to-patients world.

Brett Mason